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Motorcycle Accidents: The Consequences of Filing a Late Complaint

Many people who sustain an injury in a motorcycle accident are hesitant to file an official complaint and often end up paying for the consequences with their health, loss of court justice, and financial strain.

This article discusses six ways in which the motorist is disadvantaged by filing a complaint report late.


The Defendant Party Walks Free

Suppose you don’t file your accident report as soon as possible after sustaining an injury in an accident. In that case, the defendant may claim that they were never notified about the complaint and therefore do not have enough time to prepare a defense. However, a timely report and help from lawyer, they are made to pay and also the motorcycle accident claim process is made easy.

Distortion of Evidence

The longer you take to file a complaint, the more the evidence gets distorted. You will be unable to show that your injuries were caused by an accident because your injuries will not have been observed by medical professionals and may have started or are completely healed. The sooner an official police report is filed, the easier it is to collect evidence from witnesses and reconstruct the crash scene. If you wait too long after your motorcycle accident before taking action, witnesses may forget details about the accident that can help make the complaint favor you.

The Plaintiff will Not Receive Any Restitution

The defendant will be held responsible for the damages they caused on that date. However, when you fail to file an official report on time, the defendant will have a defense against a lawsuit and will not be required to pay anything back. You may have an increased risk of having to pay medical bills out-of-pocket for your injuries

 Financial Stress

The consequences of filing official police report late can result in severe financial hardship for victims of motorcycle accidents. The accident may cause property loss, which the motorist may not be able to replace, and they may be unable to pay the bills even if they are considered small. The motorist may be left with significant medical expenses, resulting in additional financial strain due the inability to make motorcycle accident claims.

The Motorist’s Health is Put at Stake

Delay in filing the accident report can put your life at risk. It would be best to safeguard your physical health and well-being by making an official police report as soon as possible after sustaining an injury in a motorcycle accident. Delays may cause your health to deteriorate due to a lack of proper checkups and medical follow-up

A Late Report may be Regarded as a False Report

Motorcycle accident claim process may be considered as fraud when there is a delay in filing a complaint report. This may be due to the witnesses of the accident failing to present themselves in court or the witness not giving the evidence in a cohesive manner as they may have started to forget. Legal action may be taken against you for filing a false police report, which could result in serious consequences, including incarceration and fines.

A motorist who files an accident report late will face serious consequences that might be subject to a lawsuit, or the defendant might not cover the damage they are responsible for. Late accident reports can increase the time and expenses involved with a case. Finding fault in an accident might be difficult long after the insurance companies have had time to investigate. Filing an incident report as soon as possible protects yourself and your family from additional costs.

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