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Protect Your Eyes Lifetime with Inexpensive Reading Glasses

Today, you will find many online superstores and pharmacies providing reading glasses along with other types of pharmaceutical items. These glasses are ready-made ones and work well for people who need single-vision lenses. Moreover, a few stores supply inexpensive reading glasses with specialty lenses and options related to fashionable frames.

Overview of Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are store-bought eyeglasses and they have magnifying lenses of diverse strengths. You may even get inexpensive reading glasses in different frames from every reputed store. This type of over-the-counter product works well for individuals who do not need any other vision correction. In most cases, the glasses have a single focus lens to correct close-up vision problems. Hence, it is more affordable than any prescription eyeglass.

Benefits to Use of Reading Glasses

Until now, reading glasses have offered the following benefits to users-

  1. Improve Your Close-up Focus

Many people after 40 years experience a common eye problem of presbyopia. It refers to the natural loss of the eyes’ near-focusing flexibility. The problem causes difficulty in reading small prints after 40 years. Superstores may help in alleviating the reduced ability to focus clearly on close-up and small objects and words. When you get the required magnification to view everything up close, you will find reading a relaxing and pleasant activity.    

  1. Do not Need a Prescription

Scheduling an appointment with an ophthalmologist or optometrist is challenging particularly in today’s Covid-19 pandemic. However, if you need eyeglass to deal with presbyopia, you may purchase a pair of inexpensive reading glasses without any requirement of a prescription.

You only have to get a few pairs to test runs until you find the right viewing power. The powers of reading eyeglasses often range between +1 and +3 diopters. In most cases, old age people feel comfortable with the lowest power to let you view clearly at distances.

  1. Reading Glasses are Accessible and Affordable

Reading glasses are easily available in almost every reputed drugstore online. They are even available in several discount stores. The accessibility gives you a pool of affordable options for reading glasses, which do not need prescriptions.

Steps to Select the Right Inexpensive Reading Glasses

Common Features to Check for Buying Eyeglasses

Any person may usually find inexpensive reading glasses in reputed online shops with different preset magnifications. These glasses are one-size for fit and usually do not available in multifocal or progressive lens varieties. Whenever you choose reading glasses, you have to consider the following-

  1. Type of Lens

A few people may need a multifocal lens or a single vision lens. You have to check the vision correction you need before searching for inexpensive reading glasses. The lens designs include the following-

·        Single Vision

Single vision lenses correct your distance vision. One can set them to almost every focal length you want, including immediate or near vision.

·        Bi-focal Lenses

Bi-focal lens correction consists of two parts. Here, the bottom half of the lens is for reading or seeing near objects. In contrast, the top half lets you see or read distant objects.

·        Tri-focal Lenses

Tri-focal lenses contain three different sections for near, intermediate, and distant visions.

·        Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses come with a smooth transition between near and distance focal areas without any visible dividing line. These lenses are more effective to correct intermediate vision as compared to bi-focal or tri-focal lenses.

  1. Type of Frame

Metal frames often add weight but they are more durable solutions than plastic frames. However, plastic frames are available in multiple colors, prices, and styles. On the other hand, titanium, metal, and alloy frames stand up better to handle wear and tear issues. However, titanium is a flexible and light metal from any other material available on the market.  

  1. Material Used for Lens

Trivex and polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and resistant to any impact. Moreover, these lenses give sturdy options. However, if you spend many hours outdoors or want lenses resistant to damage or break, go with a polycarbonate lens. In contrast, individuals who want a lightweight and less distorting metal should go with polycarbonate lenses. If you have a strong prescription, you have to look for thin and light plastic lenses with high-index.

  1. Comfort of Frames

Frames should fit comfortably to the nasal bridge, face, and ears.

  1. Coating on Lens

The coating on the lens helps you to protect your eyes and your eyeglasses. It also improves visual clarity and lets your glass last for a long time. A few popular lens coatings are anti-glare, anti-scratch, and transition or photochromic coatings.

You may even look for additional features while buying reading glasses, including lightweight frames or lenses. However, you have to check your insurance coverage and the budget in your hand.

Selection of the Magnification Power of Your Lenses or Reading Glasses

Whenever you have to check the magnification power of a reading glass, you have to read the diopter chart and take the mentioned steps-

·        Read the chart at about 14 inches away from your face

·        Start reading the chart from its top row. If you face difficulty in reading the top row, switch to the next row.

·        Repeat the first and second steps until you may read the entire row.

Once you find the row that you can read clearly, you have to select the reading glasses corresponding to the respective row.  If you still fail to resolve the problem, you may consult an eye doctor to get recommendations. By doing so, you will get the reading glasses to meet your requirements.

Steps to Order Reading Glasses

You will find many sites offering inexpensive reading glasses online. A few of them even offer lenses with trendy frames. Placing orders on each site is somewhat different. However, a few common steps are-

  • Select your magnification for the lens or reading glasses
  • Choose a particular color for the frame
  • Add an appropriate lens coating 
  • Provide details related to payment and shipment 

Reading glasses play a vital role to protect your eyes and let you do everything with ease. If you have any problem with your vision, look for the best reading glasses to protect your eyes immediately. 

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