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Places To Explore In Dubai

With millions of tourists travelling to Dubai that is known for its grandeur and extravagant lifestyle, you will get to see modern architectural marvels, exotic and exciting nightlife, and breathtaking bird’s-eye views of the lovely skylines. You will also have the opportunity to explore some of the well-known nightlife venues, beaches, skyscrapers, large shopping malls, five-star hotels, special museums, and zoos, among many other attractions. Dubai has got something or the other for all age groups  of tourists such amusement and water parks for childrens and adventure  enthusiasts, gardens for peace seekers, heritage sites for history lovers, and more. On your upcoming holiday, make plans to visit some of Dubai’s many attractions.


Visit Bastakiya, also known as Al Fahidi Historic District or Al Bastakia, to get a glimpse of Dubai’s other side. It is the perfect place to start a heritage walk tour exploring the neighbourhood of Dubai because it is situated next to Al Fahidi Fort and Dubai Creek. This location provides an intriguing window into Arabian civilization. This area is worth visiting since you may explore the architectural marvel of the old houses, wind towers, brown wooden doors, and white mosque. This historic location, Bastakiya, might even give cultural enthusiasts a jittery feeling while providing a calming salve to the otherwise modern appearance of the city.

Deira Souk

There are many souks in the heart of Dubai, but Deira is a popular spot for travellers. It is conveniently close to Dubai Creek and is thought to have been founded in the 1830s. When you visit, you can still see the market’s wooden archways and the original building style. But wait, let me tell you that the highlight of your visit was undoubtedly seeing the several types of gold exhibited in the storefront windows and, even better, purchasing them even though you’d only dream you could afford them all!

Dubai Aquarium

If you’ve had your fill of the tourist attractions in Dubai, which I highly doubt will ever happen, you may head to the Dubai Mall, one of the city’s shopping malls, and marvel at the various aquatic species housed there. This tourist destination has the biggest aquarium in the world and houses about 140 different aquatic species. As you stroll through the 48-meter-long walk-through tunnel, you may see a handful. However, if you want to have an even better time, why not choose some adventurous activities like cage snorkelling and shark diving; it would make for a truly unforgettable experience. Taking a glass bottom boat tour is another activity that may be suitable for seniors or leisure travellers.

Global Village

Global Village, one of Dubai’s most well-liked tourist attractions, is the ideal location to spend time with friends and family. As night falls, colourful and ornate bulbs illuminate the entire village, creating a stimulating atmosphere. This area is undoubtedly worth visiting because it has so many unique pavilions, each of which offers a cultural appeal from a range of various countries. Visit the Egypt pavilion to purchase some antiquities and their traditional clothing, the Oman pavilion to purchase Omani fashion accessories, the China pavilion to purchase their vibrant flowery clothing, and the Africa pavilion to purchase hand-carved antiques. Additionally, you may get gorgeous carpets from Iran and ethnic items from the pavilions for India and Pakistan. Spending an evening here with  your IMG World Ticketsand Miracle Garden Tickets,will make you feel good as you enjoy theatrical performances, be amused, and cap off an ideal day.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Even if you only intended to visit Dubai for a city tour, a brief city break is highly recommended because the city is home to a number of natural tourist attractions that you simply must visit. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is one such wonderful location and a well-liked wildlife attraction where you may find native species of animals. Tourists can learn about species including sand gazelles, mountain gazelles, and Arabian oryx at this reserve. With 225 square kilometres of land, you can reach one of the four zones here with the help of tour operators or travel agents, for example, if you just have time for a short day trip. However, the remaining three are open to resort visitors if you choose to stay at their opulent wildlife lodge.

Alserkal Art District

Alserkal Art District is one of the top destinations in Dubai for art enthusiasts and connoisseurs and is quickly gaining popularity. Plan a trip here and stop by a couple of the area’s modern art galleries. Although some of them are newer, smaller establishments, others, like the Ayyam Gallery, Green Art Gallery, and The Third Line, are widely known. This area serves as a showcase for up-and-coming artists and promotes stunning works of art. In reality, there are a variety of eateries and fashion businesses built by regional designers in the Alserkal Art District. You will undoubtedly detect a livelier vibe, absolutely apart from that of other popular tourist destinations, and one that is more artistic and upbeat.

Dubai Opera

The city of Dubai has no shortage of entertainment options, but the Dubai Opera, which is located in the heart of the city, is a must-see. This is one of the best venues to go for music entertainment on a night out in Dubai, where you may find inspiration in their opera performances, ballet performances, comedy evenings, concerts, and even classical instrument plays. The Dubai Opera is a one-of-a-kind architectural marvel with 2000 seats for culture enthusiasts. You can visit at any time of the year to see different plays being produced in the local musical theatre. You can relish delicious food at the rooftop restaurant with your  IMG World Tickets and Miracle Garden Tickets.

Bur Dubai Grand Mosque

A variety of nationalities and pilgrimage sites can be found in Dubai, but the Grand Mosque is without a doubt the city’s most well-known shrine. The first function of the memorial service for Sheikh Zayed, the former president of the UAE, was conducted in this architectural masterpiece, which ranks as the eighth-largest mosque in the world and the largest in the United Arab Emirates. Even from a distance, visitors are likely to appreciate this prominent Dubai treasure, which at night radiates in a vivid royal blue light. Additionally, it is undoubtedly among the tourist destinations that receive the most photos worldwide. The largest lights in the world encircle the mosque’s passageways with pillars glazed with 24 carat gold and crafted in a manner of leaf facing the earth.

Dubai Museum

Al Fahidi Fort, the city’s oldest building, is likely one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai. If you love history, the Dubai Museum is conveniently housed on the property. Here, you can read about Dubai’s development from a small, abandoned fishing community to one of the most technologically advanced nations. Images and artefacts from Bedouin life and the significance of the sea prior to the discovery of oil may be found inside. The Dubai Museum also has a variety of archaeological artefacts on exhibit. I can confidently state that this is the ideal location for educational trips with your kids, as well as with elders who have a deep interest in Arabian nomadic life.

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