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5 Ways To Identify an Unwanted Pest in Home Areas

Pests are something that nobody wants to deal with in their household. However, they are a fact of life for many homeowners, and come in so many varieties. 

About 14 million residential dwellings had roaches, according to a recent study. Aside from roaches, people also deal with pest issues like mice, ants, and bed bugs. If you can understand the signs of a pest infestation, you’ll be i a much better position to do something about it. 

These tips will help you solve pest in home issues by first getting to know the warning signs. 

1. Look for Droppings and Other Remnants

If you’re noticing pest droppings, it’s a sign that you probably already have a serious infestation problem. Check for areas in your kitchen, by the floorboards, underneath the sink, and in cracks and crevices where pests might hide. 

Aside from droppings, you might also notice urine, blood, old skin or shelling, and other signs. 

2. You’re Seeing Dead Bugs

Also, be mindful of the issue if you’re seeing dead bugs throughout your home — particularly in large numbers. If this is the case, they might be dying by coming in contact with chemicals that you’re using, or may just be living their normal life cycles. 

Either way, it’s bad news for your home and requires the help of a pest control company ASAP. 

3. You See Live Pests

You should definitely be concerned if you are seeing live critters scurrying around. Make note of how many you are seeing, where, and at what times of the day. This can help you pinpoint the issue and also pass long notes to a professional. 

If you are seeing these pests in several places and at all times of the day, it points to a bigger infestation. 

4. They Create Property Damage

It’s also likely that you have pests in your home if you’re seeing certain types of damage. This includes things like gnawing, sawdust, bitten wires, and holes. 

You might also hear scurrying and movement in your attic or inside your walls. 

5. The Pests Have Created Nests

Finally, pay careful attention if you’re seeing evidence of nests. This is a sign that the pest infestation is at the highest level because they are also breeding and reproducing. 

When the infestation reaches these levels, never leave it to chance. Hire the assistance of some pros that can take care of the task for you. 

A High Point exterminator can survey your property and let you know the extent and source of your infestation so that they can help you get rid of these pests once and for all. 

Contact a Pest Control Company

If you’re dealing with pest in home issues, do yourself a favor and contact some pros. This is the only way to know for sure what kind of pest issues you’re dealing with. Even more importantly, these pros will help you get rid of the issue in your home for good. 

Begin with these tips and check out our other articles related to getting rid of pests and other problems in your home. 

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