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Top 12 Calcium Brands in India

Sometimes it happens and you need to take supplements, especially when it comes to your bones before it can become a bigger problem. You need to make sure that they are staying healthy to prevent injuries and the best way to do this is to take some calcium. However, one of the main questions that everyone might have is what brands are going to be right for your needs and that means you need to keep reading on to get the right answers.

If you don’t have a prescription from your doctor, then it can be a hard decision about which brand to take for calcium. You can either find these supplements in the pharmacies nearby your home or you can purchase them online if you don’t want to go outside. However, here are just 11 of the top brands in India when it comes to calcium tablets and supplements that you need to know about.

1. Shelcal

Shelcal Brand in India

One of the most common brands of calcium that you can find at any pharmacy across India is shecal. There are different levels that you can purchase, including those that might have different supplements and minerals included. It also includes boron, copper, Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D3. This is one that doctors often prescribe for patients of all ages if you need more calcium in your diet.

2. TrueBasics

TrueBasics Brand in India

If you are looking for something that can help you with your entire bone health, then the calcium supplement from TrueBasics is a good option. It would have calcium, magnesium, Moringa, zinc and selenium to also help you with your bones and you can find this in 30 and 90 tablet bottles. This is a more expensive option, but it is available for anyone who needs it.

3. Bio India

Bio India Brand in India

For those who want a homeopathic option for calcium, then Bio India is the right brand to purchase. They have 25 gram and 450 gram tablet based on your needs and you can purchase the bottles online. These are an expensive option, but if you need to have a homeopathic option, then this is the best one available.

4. Dailycal

Dailycal Brand in India

When it comes to calcium you want to make sure you are thinking about the price, especially if you have to take it daily. Dailycal is extremely affordable and it comes in strips of 15 tablets and it has both calcium along with Vitamin D3 included. This is perfect if you have a smaller budget, but still want to get a good supplement that you can take without worrying about anything.

5. Bone Health

Bone Health Brand in India

If your diet doesn’t have enough calcium in it, then you want the supplement from Bone Health. It contains calcium, protein, selenium, zinc, iron, vitamin D3 and magnesium to give you the extra boost that your bones might need. This comes in a bottle of 90 tablets and this is a completely vegetarian friendly option if you need that type.

6. Healthvit

Healthvit Brand in India

For those who want to have a mixture of vitamin D3 and calcium in a single pill, then Calivtan-D3 from Healthvit is the way to go. This would be a great option for those who have sensitive stomachs and who need something that won’t make them sick when taking it. This can be taken by anyone, especially those who are older who need extra support for their bones and joints.

7. Calcimax

Calcimix Brand in India

For those who need a higher dose of calcium, then Calcimax is great since it is a 500 mg tablet. This one is a bit more expensive than other options you can purchase, but it comes in a blister pack of around 30 tablets, which is enough for one month. It contains zinc sulphate, vitamin D3, Magnesium Hydroxide and this is perfect for increasing your calcium levels and even for deficiencies in vitamin D.

8. Inlife

Inlife Brand in India

If you don’t need to get a full vegetarian calcium supplement, then the tablets from Inlife would be ideal. This bottle comes with 60 tablets that has both calcium and vitamin D3 to help you with any deficiencies that you might have. You can purchase this bottle online or even get it in any pharmacy, so make sure to ask your doctor if this is a good option for you.

9. Healthkart

Healthkart Brand in India

If you don’t want a brand name calcium supplement or if you want something that you can easily order online, then calcium from HealthKart is ideal. This is in capsule form, which makes it easier to swallow and it contains zinc, magnesium, calcium and vitamin D3. This is great for those who want to get their medication, but don’t want to step out and try to search for it.

10. Nutrileon

Nutrileon Brand in India

When it comes to calcium you want to pair it with vitamin D3 and the 60 tablet  bottle that you can get from Nutrileon would work great. It has 500 mg of calcium for those who need a higher dosage and this will help you with any joint pain that you might have. These can be found online if you want to have it shipped directly to your door.

11. Herbalife

Herbalife Brand in India

Another great brand that is known all over the world is Herbalife and they make some of the best supplements that are available. This supplement has calcium, vitamin D3 and magnesium inside and it is also entirely vegetarian in terms of ingredients used. This also can give you the required daily doses of zinc, manganese, magnesium and even copper. Bone health is something that you don’t ever want to take for granted or even not think about as you are aging. If you find that you are having joint pains or if you aren’t drinking enough milk or other dairy products, then one of the best ways to get it is a calcium supplement. These are just a few of the top supplement brands that you can take, so go ahead and find the one that would fit your needs, including what supplements and ingredients are part of the combination.

12. Naturemade

Naturemade Brand in India

Naturemade calcium tablets are gluten free and contains no artificial flavors. They suffice your daily need of Calcium and Vitamin D for stronger bones and teeth. Vitamin D as a supplement helps in better absorption of Calcium. Naturemade is the quality you can blindly trust. It is made from finest ingredients under suitable manufacturing conditions. The brand is very cautious of scientific temper so they only develop the supplements that are safe and provide real benefits. As a powerful brand, Naturemade is committed to give provide the perfect combination of supplements for a healthier life.

13. Celin +

Celin +

Celin+ Calcium tablets are chewable tablets for essential Vitamin C. Each of these tablets consists of 500 mg of Vitamin C and is known for its tangerine taste. Complete your daily requirement of Vitamin C with Celin+ Calcium Tablets which are available at your nearest medico.


Q1. What brand of calcium is the best?

A. Shelcal 500 Calcium

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