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Top 15 Tea Brands In India

A heady aroma, an invigorating palate, and flavour that lingers for a short time, tea is actually the beverage that gets India going! While India had already been growing tea, the Chinese varieties were brought by British and therefore the popularity of tea as a daily beverage and the commercialization of it are often attributed to them.

Till 20th-century tea became of the important part of the recreational ritual which defined ones evening, morning or afternoon and social gatherings. Today, we are one of the most important producers of tea.

It now also encompasses tisanes which are caffeine-free herbal brews that serve the goodness of spices, roots, flowers, and herbs. Here is our list of a number of the simplest tea brands in India.

1. Tata Tea

Tata Tea Brand In India

When it comes to tea you can’t leave Tata tea behind which was established in the year 1962. This is a joint venture of Tata sons and James Finlay company. The largest market share is held by Tata Tea. The tea comes with great, refreshing and energising taste and flavour. Tata tea is spread across the world and operates in almost all parts. Some of the other variants of this tea are Tetley, Tata Tea Agni, Tata Tea Life, Himalayan Water, Tata Tea Gold etc. This is a famous brand that is known by all and is consumed by all.

2. No. 3 Clive Road

No. 3 Clive Road Tea Brand In India

It is a vintage brand that carries the aroma of old-world charm, No. 3 Clive Road serves pure tea passion along with a range of exquisitely handcrafted blends. They serve you with a cup-like no other. Choose their Jodhpur blend, an ingenious Early Grey which marries and perfectly blends with Assam tea with Bergamot oil, fennel, dried orange and also you get that brilliant blue colour of the cornflower petals. Savour brew it lightly and always serve it with some honey to get that authentic taste and amazing flavour in each sip that you take.

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3. Sancha

Sancha Tea Brand In India

The brand Sancha started as the primary tea boutique in India in the year 1981. This iconic tea brand masters the stocks quite well. To indulge the brew lover in you, the brand is been credited to blends around hundred blends across variant and a good range of infusers and other tea such as paraphernalia. Having their tea will surely make you a tea lover and you will always want to get this as your regular beverage. Choose their magically mellow white tea which is infused with flowers for a soothing sip.

4. The Tea Trove

The Tea Trove Tea Brand In India

The Tea Trove is a heritage company which is run by a family for around a hundred years now. This brand has a vast collection of teas and has something or the other for everyone.  You will be amazed by the great taste of their tea and will be amused to see the great variety. Choose to drink their Sweet Ginger that has cooling spearmint. This will make for a refreshing cup that you can enjoy in both hot or cold ways. The Tea Trove is maintaining their heritage and serving you the best since it started. If you are a tea lover who can’t spare a day without some tea then surely you should try tea from The Tea Trove at least once.

5. Anandini Himalaya Teas

Anandini Himalaya Tea Brand In India

Fresh from the valley of Kangra, Anandini serves up with amazing and great blends that are put along with side precision, care, and great expertise. The cream of the crop is their Pinewood Smoked Tea: a robust tea infused with the smoke of pinewood. This one starts off on an intense note but has an unexpectedly sweet aftertaste and is ideal with cheese or chocolate. They make the drink according to the choice of the people that can be enjoyed with something along with it. You will be missed by the extravagant smell and taste of this tea brand.

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6. Tea Trunk

Tea Trunk Tea Brand In India

The founder of this brand is Snigdha Manchanda. This tea brand has a back story. The founder and sommelier of this brand, Snigdha Manchanda visited Sri Lanka and learnt about the different varieties of tea at school. It is been said that she tasted around hundreds of cups of tea every day to know about the 2000 varieties of tea under a Japanese Tea Master, Nao Kumekawa. This is how she planned to accumulate all her love in this tin box which is just the right thing to gift anyone who us close to you or have it as a collectable.

7. Exalté

Exalté Tea Brand In India

Exalté is a tea specialist company that serves you with a soothing cup of your favourite drink. This drink is generally infused with delicate flowers, exotic spices and calming herbs that you will love to have and enjoy as your daily beverage. You can try their Exotic drink, The Kashmir Valley Tea for a strong brew. If you want something gently sweet and refreshing to choose their Apple Cinnamon tea.  Both the drinks are best and are liked by people at a great amount. Try out to know more about their tea.

8. Goodwyn

Goodwyn ac

Goodwyn is a delightful and single origin tea. These are delicately picked and are a viable form the sprawling plantation of Assam. They serve you with various type of tea which will give pleasure to your taste bud. Their spicy Masala Chai is the best of all. It is an invigorating and great pick me up. For about and fulfilling cups choose their chilli chai and the Kashmiri Kahwa. Go get yourself a cup of great delight from Goodwyn. You will be amazed by the great blend of spices that you will get to taste as you gradually finish the drink.

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9. Gardner Street

Gardner Street Tea Brand In India

With an eye fixed on both taste and health, the forte of this brand is that they specialise in wellness that’s delivered through the right symphony of whole leaf tea and therapeutic herbs.  Pick the glow variant which serves up tea with hibiscus and marigold for happy skin days. There is other such tea as well that has something or the other benefits of consuming it. So get the taste of spice less tea to have a healthy life.

10. Organica

Organica Tea Brand In India

As the name suggests this brand is 100% certified organic. This brand produces everything from honey to spices, but their selection of teas is a complete treat. Choose between their energizing Masala Tea and Refreshing Cardamom blends for mugs filled with sheer bliss. Organica is good for your health and if you are a fitness freak as well as a tea lover, then Organica is the right choice for. The reason is this organic tea is healthy and doesn’t contain anything that can cause harm to your body anyway. Choose Organic and take one step ahead to be healthy without compromising with taste and quality.

11. Jugmug Thela

Jugmug Thela Tea Brand In India

Jugmug Thela is a simple brand that has all-natural blends. The USP of this particular brand is painstaking sources the simplest ingredients to make the best-balanced brews. Choose their best tea which is a three flower tea. This tea has a full-bodied floral infusion and a luscious red tart from Sudanese hibiscus petals and flowers of pomegranate from Maharashtra. It also has a sweet aroma from the roses of Pushkar. The aroma of this drink is amazing and one will love to have this again and again. Try out their drink to know more.

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12. Brooke Bond Taj mahal

Taj Mahal Tea Brand In India

Brooke Bond Taj mahal is a tea house owned and operated by Hindustan Unilever Limited. The brand that delivers premium taste in the affordable price. It holds exquisite flavors and a delightful touch of fine quality tea leaves. Taj Mahal is considered as a gold standard for tea in India. The taste notes in Taj Mahal makes fills your senses with pleasure and ecstasy. The tea brand celebrates 50 glorious years of excellence in the Indian market. The age old brand has enriching taste and mouth filling aroma. It is golden orange in color and each cup will compel you to say- Wah Taj !

13. Chado

Chado Tea Brand In India

Chado- the way of Tea is sourced directly from indigenous tea plantations. They are carefully hand blended and packed in small batches with all the love. They offer over 70 finest tea varieties. Chado tea leaves appear white in color. They are a perfect pick for small celebrations and romantic outings. Chado believes that tea is more than just flavors and emotions. It is a perspective to live life serenely and ecstatically. Chado was brought in India by Amit Mehta, India’s first Certified Tea Sommelier. The tea brand wants to introduce the delights of tea drinking to experts and novice alike.

14. Wagh Bakri

Wagh Bakri Tea Brand In India

Wagh Bakri tea company is one of the largest suppliers and exporters of tea in India. They have their own five star tea lounges in India. The tea brand established was established in 1892. It provides trust, tradition, history and heritage all in a cup of tea. The best thing about the longevity of the eta brand is the consistent quality. Wagh Bakri tea company understands the difference in taste and preferences because of the regional diversity. Hence, they offer region specific flavor blends for supreme customer satisfaction. They tea contains the essence of fine quality tea leaves from the selected quality tea gardens.

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15. Society

Society Tea Brand In India

Society tea offers the best start to your morning with a soothing cup of Masala Tea. The brand is especially developed for the spicy taste buds of Indian consumers. It contains flavorful spices with antioxidant properties. Society is truly tea, as it should be. Strong, robust and flavorful. The brew energizes, revitalizes and prepares you for the ordeals of the day. Society tea brand keeps in mind the industrial precautions and uses advanced craftsmanship. Taken either by milk or lemon water, it is a perfect beverage for all occasions.

16. Pride of Himalaya

Pride of Himalaya

Made with handpicked tea leaves straight from the Himalayan Hills, Pride of Himalaya Tea is a must-try for real tea lovers. The brand has made an impeccable impression on the market in recent years as the prices are far more nominal than other brands in India. Choose from over 50+ tea blends including Green Tea, Black Tea, Iced Tea, etc.

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Q1. which tea brand is best in india?

A. Tata Tea. Tata Global Beverages Limited, a subsidiary of Tata Group, is one of the top tea brands in India that was established in 1964.

Q2. which brand of chamomile tea is best in india?

A. BLUE TEA – Chamomile Flower Tea.
Teabox Chamomile Green Tea.
Typhoo Organic Chamomile Tea Bags.
Organic India Tulsi Honey Chamomile Tea.
Tea Treasure Chamomile Tea.

Q3. which brand of green tea is best for diabetes?

A. Kayos Tea for Diabetes – Anti Diabetic Tea With Gymnema Sylvestre & Green Tea to Regulate Blood Sugar

Q4. what brand of herbal tea is best?

A. Organic India Tulsi Honey Chamomile Tea (25 Tea Bag)Stress Relieving & Calming,
Organic India Tulsi Sleep Tea (25 Tea Bag),
Organic India Tulsi Ginger,
Organic India Original Tulsi,
Organic India Tulsi Mulethi,

Q5. what is the healthiest tea brand?

A. Red Label is one of the most famous and best tea brands in India known to offer the finest quality tea leaves.

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