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Top 5 Live Casino Games to Play Online

The emergence of online casinos thanks to modern advancements in technology means that everyone now has an opportunity to try their hand at casino games and win. 

Live casinos, while without the traditional location filled with cigar smoke and upbeat music, are always packed with players ready to try their luck and even interact and meet new people. 

However, online casinos do not have that much appeal for traditional casino goers. The feel of cards and chips in their hands is what makes the experience worthwhile. But are live casinos that different? Could you have a similar (if not same) experience in a virtual casino?

Of course you can! 

These five casino games highlighted below are five new experiences you will have with live casino online. That said, continue reading to understand why playing online just might be the gamechanger for your casino habits, and the world of casino games at large.

1. Live Blackjack or The “21”

Live casino is where fun meets convenience. Playing live blackjack is essentially living the casino experience in your home. With a live dealer at your disposal, live casino gives you a personal casino feel.

Blackjack live dealers are usually fitted with microphones, and you can communicate with them seamlessly in real time, as long as you have internet access. This ensures that the casino hears your concerns or requests and will take the necessary action.

Most live casinos now give players an option to choose their preferred dealer for a game. Casinos are designed to cater to all demographics of clients and live betting casinos are no different. From gender to hair colour, you can choose from the dealers available to find one you would be most comfortable playing with. 

2. Live Roulette at Home

Live roulette has all the perks of a brick-and-mortar casino without the hassle of players finding a seat. Roulette tables in casinos are often crowded. If you do get a chance to sit on one, you might have to constantly ask someone to place a bet for you if the seat is far from your seat.

Live roulette cuts down this process effectively since your mouse and keyboard are all you need to play! 

Having identified their traffic patterns, live casinos set up enough tables such that no player misses out on a seat. While you play the game online, the table setting is in an actual location, and your dealer is a living and breathing human being. 

The dealer rolls the wheel, and your wins and losses are determined in the actual casino, so no chances of rigging. You can also interact with fellow players, giving the game a live feel.

3. Live Baccarat Has Exclusive Offers

Playing baccarat requires a sharp mind and a quick thinker to get ahead of the game and win, thus why people enjoy this particular game. After all, players are in it for the challenge, right?

Playing live dealer baccarat gives just about the same rush as baccarat at a physical casino but within the comfort of your couch. Live casinos use well-trained dealers to deal tables and cards to players. The dealers control the flow of the game, just like in in-person casinos. This gives the players confidence that the game is played fairly, which is something they highly value.

Most online casinos offer exclusive deals on baccarat that you would not typically get in brick-and-mortar casinos. Perks such as regulating your minimum stake, cashbacks, and credits make it fun and more enticing for players to try their luck at live baccarat.

4. Cha-ching with Live Slots

When you have won in a slot machine round, the ringing bell gives a really good thrill, especially when coupled with the flashing lights and the three matching symbols in front of you. It is a game of chance, and it’s all about being lucky!

The only thing better than winning slots in a casino is winning slots in a live casino. At the convenience of your couch or bed, you can experience the same adrenaline and win just as much while petting your furry friend.

At live slots, you have all the games at your disposal. You can choose a game based on the theme you want to play and, if it is not within your budget, you can just scroll through and find something that suits you a lot more.  

5. Live Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

Poker is one of the most popular card games, in and out of casinos. It is a game of wits and calculations, counting on shrewdness and your ability to read people’s faces. As such, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that many people would like to play poker without leaving their houses.

The biggest advantage of live poker is that you play against fellow players and not the house, so your wins are virtually limitless. You can make your wins without incurring the cost of going to the casino. 

The cards are dealt online, and you can assess your cards and strategize your game plan without the fear of selling yourself out to fellow players. This allows you to play the game with more calculations and faster.

Playing live Texas Hold ‘Em poker also gives you the choice of playing multiple hands and tables as you can possibly handle and cuts down on your variances, offering a player more chances at winning. 

The Bottom Line

Live casinos give a winning chance to people who otherwise do not have the opportunity to go to casinos. With a multitude of games to play with a realistic experience, live casino games have opened up the world of betting as well as the casino business. 

You can now play blackjack in Canada from your hotel room in Singapore. But as convenient as it is to play and win from the comfort of our homes, it is also important to remember to do it responsibly. The best way to play is to stop when the fun stops. 

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